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with Rusagrogida


Our company, which was established in Saratov Russia in 2006, has had an important place in the food sector by serving with a range of pulses products since its establishment.

By gaining an important place in exports, we act with an understanding that brings quality, natural and healthy food products to the consumer in suitable conditions, protects the environment and nature, supports conscious production, aims to fulfill its social responsibilities, and never compromises on its goals.

We encourage innovation by spreading a positive thinking culture to our employees, enable them to produce alternatives and support them to specialize in their own fields.


By following customer requests and expectations, the requirements of the modern age and new technologies, and our product and service standards; keeping employee satisfaction at the highest level and providing opportunities for their personal development; To produce healthy sub and final products by constantly raising quality standards within the framework of relevant laws and regulations and ensuring that our processes are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.


In line with our mission, to increase brand and product awareness in the food sector, to make your product a brand in domestic and international platforms and to be the leading company in our sector.